What would we be without education? How would we live and go about performing any of our daily duties and obligations without it? Try to imagine the world without education…can you? It is utterly impossible!

In a world so full of information readily available to us in all different forms and platforms e.g Classrooms, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, Google, etc…it is evident that education surely is the driving force behind the existence of humanity. Although most can access education or information easily, some people can not. Although some might prefer social media education or information, some people do not and either way, the foundation of all learning or education or information should take place in the classrooms. Good, quality, healthy classroom environments and teachers have an amazing way of contributing to the success and mental growth of each and every learner’s life. For a number of years, I had been searching for that “ideal” educational setup/environment which would give me a great learning experience and a major contribution to my mental growth but I was never fully satisfied until I came to Shanghai,  China.

Analytical as I am and contrary to popular belief, I noted that there’s a lot that this great country can offer International Students than what most foreigners think. I decided to come up with an idea that could help other students from all countries around the world to come and experience learning in a Chinese environment which seems so foreign yet so rich and advantageous academically. After several months of searching for a way in which I could make my dream come true I exclaimed just like Archimedes “EUREKA!”….which means “I have found it.”

That’s when the dawn of Eureka came to being.

Over the years Eureka has been of great assistance to numbers of students from different parts of the world who wish to study here in China. The majority of the students are from Southern African countries as that is the region where I am from but lately, Eureka has been getting more and more applicants and inquiries from other parts of Africa, Asia, USA, and Australia. My main wish is to see Eureka spread across the world and it is the leading Educational Consultancy Company in the world linking students of all classes and races to different institutions not only in China but the whole wide world.

I can’t wait for that day to come so that I exclaim “EUREKA……I HAVE FOUND IT” once more.

In conclusion, if you have been searching for a reliable, very hospitable and affordable educational consultancy then kindly search no further….just exclaim


For I can assure you….you surely have.