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Why Apply to Chinese Universities Through EUREKA

We can make your dream of studying in China come true.

Authorized Service

Eureka Educational Consultants is an official online consultancy for international students applying to China’s universities.

Eureka Educational Consultants provides the most complete and timely information of China’s Universities as well as a one-stop online application service for international students who want to study in China. Eureka Educational Consultants has formed strong relationships with 300+ top Chinese universities including famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Dalian Medical University Zhejiang University and etc. With years of good cooperation, we help thousands of students enter into Chinese universities every year without hassle.

Reliability and Security

We are an online consultancy organization backed by Chinese universities. We are also recommended by many local and international official organizations.


Eureka Educational Consultants is the most cost-effective way to apply for Chinese universities. The agent fee for each application is only $200, which covers all the service we provide an application process including DHL service for mailing admission documents to your country.

EUREKA Internationalization

Go international, go big! Eureka Educational Consultants has also built cooperative relations with over one hundred agencies around the world, including in America, UK, France, India, Tanzania and South Africa, which enables students in different countries to access Eureka Educational Consultant service easily. In the near future, Eureka will make continual effort to speed up the pace of internationalization to reach more students in the world.

Apply through Eureka Educational Consultants, make your dream come true!

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Address: 1st Floor, 18 Z, Commercial Area, Phase III, D.H.A, Shanghai, 54810, China.
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Eureka Educational Consultants was established with the principal idea of placing students in top-notch educational institutes of the People's Republic of China and numerous .....

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We have been professionally indulged in foreign education consultancy. Our years of experience and relationship with top institutions aid us to offer advice and support to prospective  students.