In 2017 more than 50,000 students from 180 countries came to study in China on scholarship for either degree or non degree programs. China has become one of the most popular, developing and top country to study for international students all over the world. It is the great opportunity for you to explore one of the world’s biggest and popular country.

  • We provide Chinese scholarships for all international students from last 5 years.
  • We have provided more than 1000 scholarships in last 5 years to the students from different countries.
  • We provide Scholarships on the done basis for bachelor, master & Ph.D.
  • We help students get fully funded scholarships in Top universities of China.
  • We also provide fully funded scholarships in all Engineering fields and in master and Ph.D. courses such as MBA, BBA.

Available Courses On Scholarship

Eureka Educational Consultants provide scholarships in all courses for international students. We provide scholarships in all engineering courses such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering and all bachelor, masters and Ph.D. courses.

Tuition Free Scholarship for bachelor

We provide scholarships in all faculties of a bachelor’s degree. Students will pay only hostel fee which is around from 200$ to 600$ depending on your desired course and university. You will pay hostel fee every year there will be no tuition fee during all duration

Fully Funded Scholarships

Eureka Education Consultants provide full funded scholarships in all engineering fields for masters and Ph.D. we are also providing full funded scholarships in all medical field for masters and Ph.D. Full funded scholarship will cover all your tuition fees and hostel fee for the whole period of study for master and Ph.D. We provide scholarships in top ranked universities of china.

Fully funded Scholarships with a monthly stipend

You will be glad to know that Eureka Educational Consultants are also providing scholarships in all engineering fields, business fields and all master andPh.D. with a monthly stipend. In these scholarships (CSC) China Scholarship Council and China Provincial Scholarships are also included. We also provide you university scholarships with a monthly stipend. 

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